DynaCQ-R Product Recognition – Made Easy

Niels Toftelund Madsen

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Product sorting plastic detection

DynaCQ-R Product Recognition – Made Easy

New launch of DynaCQ-R - Using Deep Learning recognition

Automatic routing of meat products in crates or on the belt. Increase capacity and accuracy of product destination and routing by the DynaCQ-R at a lower labour cost.

Do your products end up in the right place?

Visual identification of product types is a labour-intensive process, which requires highly skilled operators. The error level in manual recognition is typically 2-3% due to erroneous recognition and typing errors. This applies to both products in crates and on the belt routed to specific packaging machines or packing lines. DynaCQ-R automates the product recognition process thereby increasing capacity and reducing labour costs and errors.

Automatic product routing

DynaCQ-R allows for a faster recognition process and takes out the human element of error. The DynaCQ-R software will flag doubtful products, e.g. products deviating from specifications, for manual inspection.
Using DynaCQ-R for product recognition allows one operator to handle 2-3 crate lines.

  • Fast automatic recognition process, with less labour and without the human element of error
  • Higher capacity and higher level of correct destination
  • Flags doubtful products, e.g. products deviating from specifications, for manual inspection.

DynaCQ-R is designed to be installed on top of existing high capacity conveyors.

DynaCQ detects plastic in food products with high sensitivity at high speed