Electric Systems

Lasse Stenhøj Ingvardsen

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Elektriske systemer

Electric Systems

DTI works with every aspect of electric systems and energy storage from prototype electronics to grid connected batteries, batteries for solar cells and smaller gadgets. In addition, we participate in projects regarding Smart Grid.

Development of prototype electronics
We offer counselling and development of prototype electronics. We prepare everything from PCB Prototyping to software development and system integration. In addition, we design a user interface based on the requirements for how data should be presented. We advise from idea to product specifications.

Batteries and own laboratory
Electricity is also about electric components such as batteries. In our battery laboratory we test batteries and provide answers to real energy content, voltage curves and advice on, quality, life time, self-discharge, safety and output at different operating conditions. Read more here

Fuel cells that generate electricity
We offer counselling regarding how a vehicle can drive on fuel cells and be connected to a battery. We offer system design, modification of vehicle, prototypes and perform calculations on the systems so that you get the right energy storage and battery pack. Read more here

Smart Grid projects
We are also engaged in projects around the Smart Grid and smart consumption of electricity both in terms of finding a test method for electric products and in relation to commercial deployment.
Read more here

What can Danish Technological Institute help you with?

  • Certification and type testing of fuel cells and systems
  • System design of vehicles on fuel cells
  • Counselling about electric vehicles, fleet mapping and recommendations for green transport
  • On the road test of cars and batteries – we have a mobile laboratory
  • Advice and guidance in the selection, design, use and disposal of batteries
  • Testing and characterization of batteries
  • Knowledge of Smart Grid solutions and prerequisites