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DripLoss container and cylinder knife

EZ-DripLoss Equipment

Measurement of drip loss from pork

EZ-DripLoss is easy, robust and well documented method developed by DMRI to assess drip loss in pork.

The EZ-DripLoss containers are only to be used once, and the meat samples are not for fresh consumption but must be destroyed after the measurement has taken place.

Instructions and guidelines for using the method are given below.

EZ-DripLoss instruction:



5 Items are available for sale:

  1. The EZ-DripLoss containers (see picture below)
  2. The circular “knife” used to cut Ø 25 mm meat sample fitting the container
  3. Tweezers to take out the meat sample from the knife, and place it in the container
  4. Stainless steel plate to hold 63 containers
  5. Plastic box with lid to store the plate with the 63 EZ-DripLoss containers in  

 Driploss container