Final Animal Welfare - Welfare and Quality Check

Dorte Lene Schrøder-Petersen

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Welfare and Quality Check

Final Animal Welfare - Welfare and Quality Check

The Welfare and Quality Check (WQC) is a mapping of the areas in the slaughterhouse where animal welfare may be compromised. It also includes an investigation of meat quality to evaluate the extent of animal welfare challenges and loss of profit due to poor animal welfare. It results in a short report that highlights potential animal welfare problems and recommendations for subsequent  improvement.

The WQC is carried out by animal welfare experts, who use a protocol containing a well-defined setup of parameters. The protocol combines management related issues with practical arrangements, animal-based measures, and meat quality.

The WQC is based on the layout of the individual slaughterhouse and allows for inclusion of specific customer demands related to animal welfare, providing the slaughterhouse with a customized protocol. The WQC includes observations and graduation of indicators within key areas of the slaughterhouse:

  • Transport
  • Unloading
  • Lairage
  • Stunning
  • Sticking
  • Meat quality

The WQC includes an action plan based on the problem areas, which DMRI identifies at the visit. The action plan includes suggestions on how to handle and solve the identified problems. The problems can be discussed at meetings between the slaughterhouse and DMRI according to the follow up plan agreed upon. The slaughterhouse will have the opportunity to contact DMRI with questions (e.g., photo, video recordings) anytime needed, within the agreed follow up period.

The slaughterhouse will receive a diploma stating that your business has undergone a third-party evaluation on animal welfare by the DMRI. 

Case - Welfare and Quality Check by DMRI