Flow reactor technology for upscaled production of nanomaterials

Zachary J. Davis

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Flow reactor for synthesis of nanomaterials

Flow reactor technology for upscaled production of nanomaterials

Our fully automated, continuous flow synthesis and filtration reactor technology can mass-produce a wide range of nanomaterials for printed electronics. The flow synthesis is based on solvothermal chemistry. This establishes a cost effective and upscalable production of nanomaterials. We can help you develop, design, construct and install the reactor into your production lines.

With our reactor technology it is possible to produce oxide, metallic and alloy nanoparticles with and without support materials such as carbon black and graphene. You can control the size of the nanomaterial, ranging from 1-50 nanometers with tailored capping materials. These are compatible with several solvents to optimize dispersion properties. An integrated tangential flow filtration allows for scalable and fast rinsing and up-concentration of nanomaterials into stable dispersions ready for ink formulation.   


We can help you:

  • Design, construct and install the reactor to your needs
  • Implement in-situ monitoring options
  • Develop processes and customization unique to your production setup

Nanomaterial reactor technology facts:

  • Production volumes ranging from grams to kilograms per hour
  • Full automation, process monitoring and control of flow, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • DLS and other in-situ monitoring options available.

Contact Team Manager Zachary J. Davis on +45 72 20 25 07 or zjd@dti.dk for more information about our services within flow reactor technology.