Furniture testing - Application, method and price

Lars  Jeffers-Hansen

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Furniture testing - Application, method and price

We work with clients to develop furniture that will meet international standards

The Furniture Lab Performs Accredited Testing for Private and Contract Markets

  • Furniture
  • Upholstery materials
  • Furniture components and hardware: hinges, shelf supports and drawer pulls
  • Member of the Furniture Board S-256 under Danish Standard
  • Broad and diverse network within the extended furniture industry: designers, producers, craftsmen, and material sources

Full range of Testing Services

  • Chairs and tables for contract market
  • Children’s furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Storage furniture
  • Beds and mattresses
  • School furniture
  • Climate test
  • Fire testing

To see to which standards we are accredited, please see - accreditation no. 2.

To get a quote please contact: Lars Jeffers-Hansen.