Geometrical measurements

Niels Thestrup Jensen

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Billede til eng. Geometrical measurements

Geometrical measurements

Calibration – length and form
The accuracy of geometrical measurements is essential in product development and quality assurance. Danish Technological Institute is designated metrology institute in the area of length and has the latest technologies for calibration of length and form. Our laboratory is accredited by The Danish Accreditation Fund (DANAK) with documented traceability on those calibrations. We provide accurate measurements with stated uncertainties.

Danish Technological Institute also performs on-site services and calibrations of equipment at your company. These services include measurement and calibration of roundness, straightness and run out of rollers/axis. Depending on your requirements we can provide both basic and more advanced accredited measurements and calibration. In addition to certificates, we also provide consultancy and information ensuring that the results are valuable for your staff and company.

Danish Technological Institute provide

  • Calibration of large series of parts with fast deliverance of results
  • Calibration certificates with the information that is required and valuable for the customer
  • Calibration of items/parts up to 5000 mm
  • Calibration of tape measure, unlimited length
  • Calibration of diameters of 300 mm and heights of 300 mm
  • On-site calibration and consultancy on calibration and geometrical Measurements