High value compounds from plants

Anna-Catharina  Röper

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High value compounds from plants

Plants naturally produce a multitude of interesting high value compounds, so-called phytochemicals, e.g. colourants, flavourings, anti-oxidants, phytohormones. These high value compounds can be sourced and used in a wide range of industrial contexts, e.g. natural ingredients in food and cosmetics, dietary supplements, health products and pharmaceutical medicine. The ability to use these high value plant compounds will be even more important in the future in order to meet consumers’ requirements regarding healthy food and to achieve a better economy in plant production.

Over the years, DTI has accumulated knowledge and competences for optimising the high value compound content profiles in plants. Using an array of different breeding and cultivation techniques we can help you to create a production of plants with an increased content and optimised combination of the desired high value compounds.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Advice regarding high value compound content of plants and possible uses hereof
  • Characterization of high value compounds in plants
  • Varietal breeding for optimal content of high value compounds
  • Cultivation system design for high value compound production in plants
  • Method development for extraction of high value compounds from plants