Historic contribution – future even stronger

Bjarne Ole Sigtryggsson

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Technology - robot cell

Historic contribution – future even stronger

DMRI has introduced technological breakthroughs to the international meat industry for decades. One of our major contributions is the Backloader CO2 stunner which Marel/Butina currently sells worldwide. The Backloader is used to stun pigs before slaughtering.

Another example is our 3D Derinding Robot which includes a patented measuring and knife system with eight individual knives that automatically cut the pork loin, leaving a desired level of rind (lard). The system is sold by Frontmatec A/S.

Many innovations still in use

Other examples of our contribution to the industry are a robot system for pulling ribs from pork bellies and automated equipment for splitting and separating pig carcasses. Equipment and machines for splitting pig middles are one of our earliest developments that are currently in regular use in the meat industry.

We have also developed automated equipment for removing organs, for example heart and liver, and also residuals such as leaf lard.

Technology advances the meat industry

In the future, all cutting processes in slaughter houses may be taken over by robots. At DMRI we are now designing and developing a fully automated robot cell that can handle six different cuts of pork.

In ten years, slaughterhouses can be close to fully automated - in a scenario where robots have taken over the slaughterhouse workers' manual cutting and slicing of the meat.

This assessment is based, among other things, on the progress we have made in our recent projects with development of robot cells, which can carry out anumber of different pork cuts.  When it comes to AI (Artificial Intelligence) - based on neural networks and pattern recognition - we must conclude that our progress has gone much further than we had expected in advance.