Injection moulding of plastic parts

Peter  Sommer-Larsen

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Injection moulding of plastic parts

An efficient process from design and tool construction to approved injection moulding process is important when striving for the best market launch. The Danish Technological Institute offers competent consultancy in all process steps.

When determining the best injection moulding process, a number of technical areas must be considered. The Centre for Plastics and Packaging Technology offers to be your dynamic partner in this regard. We cover all areas in development, construction and process optimisation which enable us to provide a fast and efficient service from outline to approved production. This guarantees the best technical and financial solution from concept development to final product.

The Centre for Plastics and Packaging Technology applies the latest technologies which ensures the optimum course from the development phase with design and selection of materials to approval and start-up of production. Our professional foundation is our competencies in commodity and high performance polymer materials.

In connection with quality assurance of the injection moulding process, we offer assistance in a wide range of areas from material analysis and testing to failure analysis of the tool and the part. We offer micro CT scanning of parts in relation to quality analysis – a well suited method for identifying possible air inclusions, correct dispersion of fibres and other defects in moulding. 

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • consultancy on design in the early stages of development
  • consultancy on materials selection and process analysis in connection with quality optimisation
  • development and specification of plastic parts and the production process
  • qualification of part and process quality
  • pilot production
  • assistance with run-in of tools and process lines
  • characterisation and documentation in our extensive laboratory facilities
  • FEM analysis and dimensioning and process simulation using SimpoeWorks
  • courses to be held in your company or at the Danish Technological Institute