Inside the Robot Innovation Engine Room at DTI

Kurt  Nielsen

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Inside the Robot Innovation Engine Room at DTI

Step inside the robot innovation engine room of the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and learn more about artificial intelligence, force-torque sensors and robot safety tools. Below, three videos show some of the new technology that robot specialists from DTI are currently working on. (Notice: You can switch on English subtitles in the YouTube player.)

The first video in the series focuses on artificial intelligence and how it can be applied on industrial robot technology. Robot vision expert and senior specialist Michael Nielsen from DTI shows how artificial intelligence can be used to detect illnesses in grapevine and sort valuable waste.

In this video, robot specialist Martin Mølbach Olsen demonstrates how force-torque sensors can give robots an extra “sense” and make them capable of gripping items with various gripping force.

In this third and last video, project manager Thomas Madsen Almdal shows and talks about how you can make robots more safe in a human-robot working environment with different tools to test and analyze collisions between robot and humans.