Introduction to material analysis with x-rays and neutrons

Nikolaj  Zangenberg

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Emner, der kan testes med neutroner og røntgen

Introduction to material analysis with x-rays and neutrons

A product’s performance is connected to an understanding of the materials it is composed of. Material structures and the way they are impacted under processing conditions can be difficult to investigate. This applies to both hard materials such as metals, cement, and ceramics, and soft materials such as plastics, gels, and emulsions.

With x-ray- and neutron measurements, it is possible to obtain information on materials’ inner structure, down to the micro- and nanometer scale. The measurements complement many of the classical lab-based analysis techniques and provide important insight, that can be used to improve product quality and reduce the time to market through optimization of the product development. The analyses can, in many cases, be performed non-destructively and in situ under relevant processing conditions.

Danish Technological Institute has the expertise to use large international x-ray and neutron facilities to provide knowledge and better products for industry.

Please contact us for a discussion of the techniques and of how they can be applied to address your challenges.

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