Inventor Advisory Service in Trinidad & Tobago

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Inventor Advisory Service in Trinidad & Tobago

Citizens are a significant innovative and inventive resource in any country. Many great innovations have emerged from the daily routines of citizens and investors. Sometimes a breakthrough can come from questioning why things are done in the way they are, which can result in alternative and more effective ways to achieve the same or a better result.

The IAS is part of the Danish innovation system. Each year the Inventor Advisory Service consults more than 5.000 prospective inventors and provides expert advice and coaching on the development of approximately 1.000 ideas with the aim of commercialized citizens’ ideas through licensing to existing national and international companies.

Strengthening export sector
The purpose of the program was to establish a national/regional inventor service and train inventor advisors at CARIRI in the methods and processes of attracting. DTI has strengthen CARIRI’s export sector via trained inventor advisors to empower local inventors/exporters. Furthermore, DTI has established business networks and contacts in Europe. Finally, yet importantly, DTI has provided Caribbean with exposure to good practices/experiences in commercialization of ideas/inventions to strengthen trade competitiveness ultimately.