Market surveillance of fabricated concrete elements and other construction products

Gitte Normann Munch-Petersen

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Market surveillance of fabricated concrete elements and other construction products

The single market of the European Union requires that construction products must be CE labelled according to applicable harmonised EN standards and according to the regulations that apply in the country where the construction products are to be used.

To ensure that the single market functions as intended in the field of construction products, the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority carries out an ongoing market surveillance of construction products, please refer to

During the autumn of 2009, the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority implemented the market surveillance of concrete elements, roofing felt, and water taps, and in 2010, market surveillance of wood boards has just begun.

Danish Technological Institute has knowledge and experience of the requirements imposed upon all the construction products subject to the EU Construction Products Directive. Danish Technological Institute participates in national and international standardization work in the field of construction products and has thus a detailed knowledge of the harmonised standards in force in this field.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Evaluation of whether your building product is covered by the EU Construction Products Directive, and whether there is a requirement that it must be CE labelled
  • Consultancy regarding the requirements to be met in order to CE label construction products
  • Consultancy regarding purchase of construction products abroad, including an evaluation of whether such products meet any additional requirements imposed by Danish legislation
  • Assistance in connection with reception inspection procedures for construction products at the construction site: How to check if the construction products meet the requirements when they are received
  • Tailored and company-adapted courses in construction products requirements.


  • Preparation of system for factory production control (FPC)
  • Course for contractors in CE labelling.