Microbial management technologies consolidate DTI’s position as technology suppliers in the Middle East

Ketil Bernt Sørensen

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Microbial management technologies consolidate DTI’s position as technology suppliers in the Middle East

Microbial management technologies are an essential part of the maintenance processes related to oil production and contributes to the reduction of well and facility integrity expenses. Now, the technologies have found their way to Kuwait.

Monitoring of microorganisms is a crucial activity when it comes to ensuring the integrity of metallic alloys’ service lifetime. Both wells and transport pipelines are important components of the processing and distribution of hydrocarbons, and the durability of these facilities has an immediate impact on revenue.

Microorganisms attack the systems and immediately cause corrosion. Therefore, with the aim of optimizing production technologies, the microbe management system enables operators to detect microbial hotspots and early perform effective actions.

Successful collaboration across boundaries

Today, the system facilitates stability and more cost-efficient operation processes on a worldwide basis. Most recently, the system has been introduced in Kuwait where the current capacity of oil extracted reaches 2,8 mio. bpd. As stated by DTI Team Manager in Microbiology, Morten Poulsen, who recently carried out at a training workshop for the national Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), “The system ensures stability in production and reduces the costs of maintenance. As for example workovers and replacement of equipment."

A workshop that is a product of successful collaboration between Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research – Petroleum Research Centre and DTI.

DTI purpose and scope

The present collaboration proves that the parties’ technical skills, experience and passion are more powerful factors than geographical distance. It has allowed DTI to contribute to the technology development of microbe management systems and consolidate its position as the lead oilfield microbiology supplier in the Middle East. This allows DTI to be a part of innovative technology developments and contribute to the progress of the oil and gas operations in the Middle East.

You can read more about microbial corrosion and microbial management services through this link.