New lab to strengthen development of Danish robots for space

Kristian  Skaarup

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New lab to strengthen development of Danish robots for space

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) will inaugurate their Space Robotics Lab on 30th May 2024. The new laboratory is a step towards meeting the increasing demand for robotic technology for space and further strengthening Denmark's position regarding robots in the space sector.

Robust robot arms and dust-proof, self-driving vehicles - robotic technologies require special features to be able to perform successful tasks in space. DTI is opening a new robotics laboratory, the Space Robotics Lab, to strengthen Danish development in the space sector. The opening will take place in connection with this year's ROBOTBRAG event on 30th May 2024.

– Space exploration has really picked up in recent years and Danish space companies are experiencing greater demand. We want to support this development by being able to offer advice and testing of robotic technologies and materials - and in this way give Danish robotics the best cards in hand for future space missions, says Henrik Jacobsen, who is Director of DTI's robotics centre.

DTI has already been part of the development of a robotic arm for collecting soil and rock samples on Mars as part of the ESA contribution to the NASA-led Mars Sample Return mission, and the Institute is currently developing a protective covering – a so-called "smart skin" – for robot arms, which will pave the way for more robots in space.

Also down-to-earth gains

Although there are 57 million kilometres from Mars to Earth, developments in the new lab will also benefit companies outside the space industry.

– Robotic technologies for space require high precision and extreme robustness, which are also features which can benefit Earth-based companies. Space robots, and other robots in remote environments, must be able to repair a variety of items including themselves and ultimately also disassemble products for recycling, as access to new materials is scarce when you are so far from the nearest parcel pick-up point. This improvement in the utilisation of existing materials is to a great extent a challenge that must also be solved here on Earth as part of the green transition, says Kristian Skaarup, who is Director of Defence and Space Robotics at DTI.

The Space Robotics Lab's grand opening will be part of ROBOTBRAG

The opening of the new laboratory will take place during the Danish Robot and Automation Expo 2024 (also known as ROBOTBRAG), which presents the latest knowledge and robot technologies as inspiration for Danish companies.

Visitors will be able to see how mobile robots can be designed to survive in harsh environments such as space. There will also be examples of technologies that Danish companies have already delivered to the International Space Station or other space missions.

In addition, you will be able to see different ways that a robot arm can be used on a space station and how 3D printing can be used to produce advanced metal parts for space missions.

If you want to participate in the opening of Space Robotics Lab, simply register for ROBOTBRAG here: