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Packaging has many functions. One is to protect the product and increase shelf life as well as sustain the quality of the product. The packaging is also supposed to sell the product and give the company a positive image. Also, the packaging is to make transport, handling and storing more efficient, easy to open and contain information of, for instance, the origin of the product. Finally, the packaging protects the surroundings from the product and protects the environment.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • We help companies developing a packaging strategy
  • We ensure that company systems comply with the Packaging Directive
  • Consultancy on the right wrapping selection, including laboratory tests
  • Development of wrappings and wrapping systems
  • Microwave cooking packaging solutions
  • Production of wrapping samples
  • Testing of the many properties of wrappings
  • Research and development projects related to new packaging technologies
  • Training in packaging technology