Plant Design Projects - It's all about return on investment

Lars Jacob Lindblad Kristensen

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Plant Design

Plant Design Projects - It's all about return on investment

The requirements to a modern food production facility are complex. Numerous considerations must be implemented in the design to make it successful and competitive. Whether your business strategy is directed at the bulk market, the retail market or specialized markets, you are facing similar challenges.

When you plan to invest in the future of your business, you may consider:

  • To establish new production facilities
  • Extend production capacity
  • Introduce automated processes
  • Merger of productions
  • Reduce energy consumption

Consulting DMRI

Product leaflet

Plant Design Projects – methodology and work flow

To ensure quality throughout the design project, we always follow our work methodology. However, each individual customer decides the level of involvement, and how many phases we should cover. The solutions involved are always adapted to local conditions, legislation, workforce, and the market situation.

With a starting point in our well adopted work methodology, each design project is tailored to each customer’s individual needs. When required, we can follow the project from start until commissioning, performance testing, and training of operators. The project can include detailed design and specification of a live animal handling and stunning system – ensuring animal welfare regarding the required capacity and future extension possibilities.

The carcass chilling system can also be designed and specified in exact accordance with the desired production numbers, ensuring minimum chill and drip loss as well as ensuring optimum meat quality, minimum energy consumption and longevity of building and support structures.

Critical production systems or interfaces between different suppliers can be stress tested with our simulation tool to eliminate bottle necks or other unforeseen problems that could potentially limit the performance of the facility.

What is your benefit from working with DMRI?

  • We have a holistic approach without preconceptions, ensuring the best adaption to your raw material as well as the market
  • Design of new processes and factory layouts with optimum efficiency, meat quality, food safety, and minimum environmental impact
  • IT architecture, production control systems, and designs that meet national, as well as EU and USDA veterinarian regulations
  • Operational and management optimisation ensuring maximum productivity
  • Optimum utilisation of raw materials and product mix for maximum yields and profitability

Work Flow - Plant Design Projects


Work Flow Design Plan

The design project contains:
  • Lay-out and specifications
  • Products and processes
  • Flexibility demands
  • Services and utilities
  • Logistics and traceability
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Environmental aspects
  • Energy conservation plans
  • Budget estimate and economic analysis
  • Time schedule


In highlights, your benefits of a DMRI design project are optimal solutions regarding:

  • Product quality and market possibilities
  • Yield and by-product utilisation
  • Automation and operational productivity
  • Logistics
  • Production IT and traceability
  • Animal welfare and ethical image
  • Energy, resources and carbon footprint
  • Hygiene and shelf life