Plasma surface treatment

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HTPP - Plasmabehandling

Plasma surface treatment

We use plasma technology to optimise the surface properties of your plastic material no matter where you are in the development or production process. 

The low surface tension of many plastic materials renders them non-susceptible to binding with colour coatings, adhesives etc. At the Centre for Plastics and Packaging Technology, we use plasma techniques for customer surface treatment. This can be to clean, activate, etch or modify the chemical structure of materials provided by customers. We can modify the surface tension and thereby the wettability of plastic materials.

Surface treatment with plasma provides a number of possibilities, such as:

  •  Activation of the surface area of injection moulded plastic parts (e.g. toys) to increase the durability of colour coatings
  •  Pre-treatment of the surface area of plastic parts to increase the strength of glued joints (e.g. in hearing aids)
  •  Activation of the surface area to ensure better adhesion (e.g. bandages with hydrogels for wound care)

Compared to corona treatment, plasma provides increased flexibility in succeeding processes as the treatment lasts longer. The technology allows us to treat complex geometries. The process takes place in a closed chamber with complete control over the process parameters at room temperature which ensures reproducibility.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?
At the Centre for Plastics and Packaging Technology, we assist customers in developing, setting up and adjusting their production process to ensure the best production method for a given component. Moreover, we offer pilot scale production.

  • We can treat samples of approx. 250 x 250 x 200 mm. The process only takes minutes and we handle batch sizes of up to 1,000 pieces
  • We can characterise wettability through determination of surface energy
  • We can provide consultancy on treatment levels and methods
  • We can assess surface tension and adherence to treated surfaces
  • We can develop customised plasma treatments to ensure the best result