Processing entire male pigs

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Processing entire male pigs

The challenges a slaughterhouse faces when transitioning from processing castrated male pigs to processing entire male pigs can be significant. These challenges encompass issues related to animal handling, potential aggressiveness of male pigs, adjustments in slaughter procedures, carcass sorting, changes in carcass composition affecting yields, and the overall economic sustainability of the slaughterhouse.


In addition to these hurdles, the slaughterhouse needs to make decisions regarding the implementation of boar taint detection methods. They must also establish a payment calculation structure for pig producers to ensure that the additional costs and inconveniences faced by the slaughterhouse are adequately compensated.

Furthermore, a solution must be determined for handling boar-tainted meat, whether it should be sold in the market or used for further processing. This decision-making process is crucial for managing the transition effectively and maintaining operational efficiency in the face of these challenges.

Our approach to make you ready to slaughter entire male pigs

We will employ a systematic approach to assist you from the initial consideration of beginning to slaughter entire male pigs, all the way through until you have implemented all necessary changes, and your production is running smoothly. A typical project consists of three phases as described below.


Slaugterhouse step 1-4 male pigs