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Danish Technological Institute has a deep insight into research and innovation which are some of the most important factors for growth.

Research and Innovation

Research and innovation are some of the most important elements of growth. Danish Technological Institute knows how new knowledge can be transformed into products and commercial results. We help Danish agencies, regions, and the European Commission to understand the challenges and barriers that companies face in relation to research and innovation to enable them to develop policies in the area.

Business and Policy Analysis - what do we do? 

Deep insight into the behaviour of companies
We analyse all aspects of research and innovation in companies. We explain companies’ strategies and initiatives to identify successful patterns of research and innovation. Likewise, we look at why some companies may refrain from investing in new technology and research.

At the same time, we are interested in how companies translate new knowledge into commercial products. What are their strategies, who do they collaborate with, and how do they gain access to new knowledge? We can give you an insight into all this and much more.

We understand the conditions of the companies
Danish Technological Institute has many years of experience with strategy analyses in connection with research and innovation from a company perspective. We understand the innovation system as a whole and have professional insight into the political processes in the area. Our special strength is our social science insight combined with technological specialist knowledge. We offer analyses and recommendations based on facts and data.

How can we help you?

  • Analysis of companies’ positions of strength and challenges
  • Analyses of how Denmark and other countries are placed in relation to research and other R&D activities
  • Evaluation of research and innovation initiatives (evaluation of processes, results, and impact)
  • Advice on how best to bring new knowledge into play – e.g., through cooperation in the value chain or between companies and knowledge institutions
  • Strategy analyses or feasibility studies of research and innovation structures
  • Technology analysis, including trend and scenario analyses