Robot Technologies with 3D CAD-based vision

Carsten Panch Isaksen

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Robot Technologies with 3D CAD-based vision

The Danish Technological Institute offers solutions for advanced vision-controlled object picking with robots. We develop and deliver customized solutions for your production.

What is 3D CAD based vision?
DTICADMatcher Suite is a complete product family that, using a standard industrial camera, performs advanced vision algorithms to determine the location and orientation of subjects.

Why choose 3D CAD based vision?
Picking processes in the industry have become a standard operation, but automatic picking of unsystematised items requires vision.

Vision-based item management is a flexible solution that allows you to pick an item directly from a layer in a pallet or among different items spread out on a surface.

Tailor-made vision solutions for your production
The Danish Technological Institute offers to examine whether 3D CAD-based vision can solve tasks in your production. In addition, we identify the solutions and draw up a comprehensive report. We start with your needs, and our recommendations range from standard off-the-shelf robotic products to user-managed solutions with specially developed vision control and associated user interface.

What can the Danish Technological Institute help you with?

  • Accurate location and handling of items with advanced vision
  • Automatic CAD-based subject recognition
  • Simple training of new products
  • Automatic and flexible camera and robot calibration
  • Integration of multiple cameras for process time optimization

Price of preliminary studies from DKK 10,000 (excl. VAT).