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Robot Technologies with 3D CAD-based vision

Carsten Panch Isaksen

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Robot Technologies with 3D CAD-based vision

Automated processes for simple pick & place operations are now standard solutions for industrial production and readily performed by robots. Customers are now requesting greater flexibility -- and if the parts arrive in only partially structured layers, then machine vision techniques are needed for the solutions to be successful. RoboVision CAD-picking, a module in the Robot CoWorker family, uses advanced vision algorithms to determine the location and orientation of objects based on single images from a standard industrial camera.

3D CAD models are used to enable accurate and rapid localisation and handling of both simple and complex objects. In this way, it is possible to pick an item directly from a layer in a pallet or from a single layer spread out on a surface.

3D CAD-based vision solutions involve:

  • Accurate localisation and handling of items using advanced vision
  • Automatic CAD-based item recognition
  • Simple and quick training of new objects
  • Automatic and flexible calibration of camera and robot
  • Integration of multiple cameras for optimising processing time

At the Danish Technological Institute we offer industrial solutions at all levels from standard off-the-shelf robot systems to customized user-controlled solutions with visual feedback control and easy-to-use user interfaces.

Do you have a picking task we could help with?
We offer an investigation of whether 3D CAD vision can solve your particular challenge. Give us the part to be picked and its CAD model, and we will identify potential solutions and prepare a comprehensive report, for 15,000 DKK ex. VAT.