ShaleSafe - better monitoring for shale gas sites

Simon Møiniche Skov

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ShaleSafe - better monitoring for shale gas sites

The Danish Technological Institute has co-developed the ShaleSafe technology which provides greater security for citizens, companies and regulators.

Only a limited number of techniques to measure dissolved methane and VOC (volatile organic compound) concentrations in the aquifers exist. Such allows pollution to go undetected for several weeks. Therefore, there has been a clear need to develop and implement new technology that continuously and reliably can provide long term monitoring of the aquifer quality specific to the shale gas fields. By combining the forces of research & technology organisations and innovation-driven SMEs, we have contributed to the development of a cutting edge sensor system. A system that is based on the philosophy of improving and guaranteeing safe exploration processes. Consequently, aiding companies to meet the requirements set by environmental authorities.

Embedded in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the ShaleSafe technology has been developed based on the idea of rethinking conventional approaches. In other words, it has been about making the measurement methods of methane and VOC concentrations in aquifers fit into the context of today’s shale gas companies. By adding advanced membrane technology and gas sensors into the equation, the ShaleSafe system empowers companies to take full control of their shale operations. Concerned and committed to respect the methane and VOC detection limits set by environmental regulators.

A matter of improvement and safety

By focusing on the needs of the shale gas companies, the ShaleSafe system works to simplify the processes associated with environmental control in shale gas production. Through accuracy, precision and selectivity, the ShaleSafe system reduces the complexity of collecting and transporting samples. The samples may also take weeks to analyse which allows contaminants to go undetected for longer periods of time. Those circumstances have been solved by fruitful collaboration between the involved parties in the ShaleSafe consortium. A partnership that has enabled the oil and gas operators to engage in extraction activities from a socially responsible perspective.

Therefore, our aim has been to aid the shale gas companies in overcoming the challenges related to environmental awareness in operations. We have prioritised the importance of monitoring shale gas operations, seeking to protect aquifers, and promote a culture that centres an environmentally responsible solution. A technology that provides the best environmental practice for companies and regulators.

You can read more about ShaleSafe here.

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