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Black soldier fly larvae used for animal feed

Superior Feed

The world needs a resourse-effective and environmentally friendly feed source with a positive influence on animal health to reduce the use of antibiotics. Therefore, DTI has established an R&D area aiming to develop Superior insect products with tailored nutrient profiles, health beneficial properties and low environmental impacts.

DTI’s insect team is focusing on feed optimization, enrichment of insect products, and application of sensory technology to achieve these goals.



Feed optimization

To have an efficient insect production, optimized feeds are essential. What is the best diet? - that depends on the purpose of the insect products. With DTIs Iterative Feed Optimization Platform, that contains knowledge about substrates, nutritional requirements and digestibility, DTI can help the producers to design and optimize feeds to achieve a superior product that live up to the needs of the end-user.


Product enrichment

Superior insect meal can improve animal health by enhancing immune responses against bacterial diseases minimizing the need for antibiotic treatments. Antimicrobial peptides are molecules that form the first line of immune defense against bacterial infection in most animals. Insects are, under specific conditions, able to produce a wide range of AMPs. DTI is focusing on boosting the production of AMPs in insects to reach a superior insect meal with antibacterial properties.


Sensor technology

Collecting and utilizing data has a vast potential to secure a superior product with, for example, lower the greenhouse gas emissions, more stable heat development, optimal (for the end user) carbohydrate to protein-ratios or increased feed conversion efficiency.

Today temperature, relative humidity and CO2 data is often collected and used to control the production conditions. However, such data, can be used in combination with other data to become truly valuable. If this data is linked to insects’ performance data and properties, optimization towards a specific goal becomes possible, in turn increasing the value of the product for the end-user.

DTI is implementing systems and analysis methods that link such data to help producers reach a superior, greener and more cost-effective product.


If you would like to know more about Superior Feed and how our services can create value for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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