Transport of live animals to the slaughterhouse

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Transport of live animals to the slaughterhouse

Most livestock animals are transported before slaughter. Transport can cause injuries and stress to animals resulting in poor animal welfare and poor carcass quality. To provide a high welfare level of the animals during this stage of the day of slaughter and to maintain a high meat quality, it is essential that the handling of animals before, during and after transport as well as the design and operation of the transport vehicle are carried out with respect for the behaviour of the animals.

DMRI has conducted research in the transport of live animals for slaughter for decades, including:

  • Stocking density during transport of pigs
  • Ventilation, deck height and space accommodation during transport of pigs
  • Development of a handbook on requirements for pig and cattle transport vehicles
  • Transport of pigs in boxes from farm to slaughterhouse
  • Transport duration on welfare of sows and slaughter pigs and the following meat quality
  • Climate setting during transport to accommodate thermal comfort