Two cases of extended shelf life

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Food safety

Two cases of extended shelf life

1. A packing company was challenged by the shelf life of skin packed meat.

Unintentional handling of the meat led to discoloration and the number of leakers was also too high. DMRI gave the company advice on how to improve handling which also included a few minor changes in the layout of the factory. These minor changes eliminated the challenges of shelf life.

2. A pork meat producing company received an increasing number of complaints due to inadequate shelf life of the fresh meat.

A cooperation between the company and DMRI led to identification of the major causes and solutions implemented.

  • The chill process was insufficient to reach temperatures of 4°C in the meat. Minor modifications of the chill process increased the effect sufficiently.
  • Meat from pigs slaughtered on different days was pooled in boxes, despite significant differences in shelf life. The procedure was changed leading to sufficient and uniform shelf life in the individual batches.

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