Work package 1: Bio-production

Jonas Lembcke Andersen

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1.a. bio-production invaluable

Work package 1: Bio-production

This package focus on optimizing mealworm production by increasing knowledge of the insects’ reproduction. Moreover, pilot facilities will be constructed at Danish Technological Institute and Ausumgaard.

Several factors must be investigated to optimize reproduction. In this package we are focusing on reproduction of the two mealworm species; Tenebrio molitor and Alphitobius diaperinus or more commonly referred to as the common mealworm and buffalo- or lesser mealworm.

There will be special emphasis on increasing the knowledge about how to boost egg output and reduce variation of size and density in production trays. This will include development of diets for adult beetles that increase their reproduction and developing an assay to assess key parameters (e.g. egg hatchability).

Additionally, optimal production conditions regarding temperature and larvae density will be determined at lab- and pilot-scale, e.g. at the pilot facilities there will be constructed during the project at both Danish Technological Institute and Ausumgaard.


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