Work package 5: Feed/Food Safety

Neda  Nasirimoghadam

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Work package 5: Feed/Food Safety

Feed/Food safety will focus on experimental studies and the identification of key hazards. A hazard characterization of relevant by-products will be determined along with the identification of critical control points for mealworm production.

This work package will focus on the safety of the obtained mealworm products depending on the used feeding substrates and processing method(s).
Hazard characterization of relevant “grey zone” substrates – identified based on the availability, magnitude and cost – will be conducted to provide a foundation for assessing the possible contamination risks in mealworms produced on such substrates.
The most relevant identified hazards will be tested in experimental production of mealworms under controlled conditions in order to investigate the fate of each hazard (i.e. occurrence, persistence and/or accumulation) in mealworm products, including the effect of different processing steps.
The focus will be on i) microbiological hazard that may have an adverse effect on insect health and/or food/feed safety and on ii) chemical hazards, especially residues of antimicrobials and disinfectants

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