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Anette Høgh Sonnichsen

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Uddannelse i innovation

Innovation training

In connection with a general lift of innovative competences or the establishment of a more innovative culture in a company, training may be a good contribution. In a social respect, it is also critical that innovation should feature in many fields of training and education. We carry out courses at all levels from secondary schools via vocational training to schools of higher education.  Furthermore, we work out specific courses for companies, employees and managers fully aware that perspective and situation are critical for the innovative job to be done. The contents deal with all parts of the innovative process. It is our experience that there is a special need for training that focuses on the development from idea to product and marketing and the implementation of new solutions.

Among other things, the Danish Technological Institute can help you with

  • Training courses that support the company’s innovative processes
  • Innovation elements in existing training courses
  • Focused processes covering creation, development, protection, implementation and marketing of ideas
  • Training of facilitators and managers and creation of innovation systems