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Production, Measurement and Metrology Courses

Improve your skills in Production, Measurement and Metrology with courses from Danish Technological Institute.

We offer courses at all levels - from introductory courses to courses for the more experienced candidate. Our courses are always updated with the latest knowledge within the specific areas.

Upgrade your knowledge within Printed Electronics, Contact Thermometry, Flow, Humidity, Static Pressure and Uncertainty Analysis

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VAT is not included.
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Seminar and workshop: Printed Electronics

No. 19200 A
1 day seminar
No classes currently scheduled
  • No classes currently scheduled
At this seminar and workshop two of Europe's leading experts within printed electronics share their knowledge while the Danish companies Mekoprint and Ohmatex present the commercial perspectives and market opportunities of the field. In the afternoon you can bring you own challenges to the table and get expert advice from our specialists as well as see DTI’s new nanomaterial and printing labs.

EUR1,250 kr

Uncertainty Analysis - Training Course

No. 27661 A
2 days course
Course/s coming up 9/10 2018
  • Aarhus
    9th to 10th October 201809/10 - 10/10 2018
Get the practical and theoretical aspects of ensuring traceability in measurements with emphasis on methods for use and calibration of equipment.

EUR1,250 kr

Contact Thermometry - Training Course

No. 27663 A
2 days course
Course/s coming up 15/5 2018
  • Aarhus
    15th to 16th May 201815/5 - 16/5 2018
Get the practical and theoretical aspects of temperature measurements, calibration and maintenance with emphasis on methods and guidelines for designing calibrations and measurements that you can use immediately at your workplace.

EUR1,250 kr

Flow - Training Course

No. 27664 A
2 days course
Please contact us for specified course dates
  • Aarhus
    21th to 23th November 201721/11 - 23/11 2017
Acquire knowledge about use and practical and theoretical aspects of flow measurements as well as a variety of technologies used in flow meters.

EUR1,250 kr

Measurement of humidity and moisture

No. 27665 A
2 days course
Course/s coming up 11/10 2018
  • Aarhus
    11th to 12th October 201811/10 - 12/10 2018
Acquire knowledge about how humidity and moisture are measured and how the various humidity parameters and units are interconnected

Course fee according to agreement

Static Pressure - Training Course

No. 27666 A
2 days course
Please contact us for specified course dates
  • Courses can be arranged og offered for companies.
Get a review of the principles of pressure metrology, the measurement system, traceability and aspects of the calibration process.