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Robot Technology - Products

DTI develops, applies and transfers robotic technology to industry and society. Our focus is to apply new research, knowledge and technology to create robot technology solutions that make a difference. Read more about our products and services below.



Industrial robots

- Robot implementation
- Courses and training
- Consultancy
- Research

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Hånd der tegner graf. Produktionsoptimering.

Production optimization

- Lean in administration and production
- Quality management

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Visionbox. Kamera.

Quality control and inspection in 2D and 3D

Use of vision systems for inspection and quality control.

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Service robots

Sensors and computing power is now so advanced that robots are able to navigate without help from anything other than the equipment they themselves can carry.

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Robot med kamera der pakker termostater

Handling Robots

- Palletizing
- Packing, loading / unloading, bin picking
- Special grippers

- Welding, Cutting
- Grinding, polishing, painting
- Assembly

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Orange robot der skærer i flamingo

Process robots

- Welding, Cutting
- Grinding, polishing, painting
- Assembly

Menu1 robot Robot CoWorker

Robot CoWorker - your future colleague is a robot

A robot system which its operator can instruct to e.g. recognize new items and handle fragile items - and will call someone when something seems wrong.


Vision menu robot

RoboVision - vision for robots

DTI has developed RoboVision, which is an intuitive vision plug-in that can be used on many types of robots.