4C-Rheometer – Measuring Rheology of Self Compacting Concrete - Price

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4C-Rheometer – Measuring Rheology of Self Compacting Concrete - Price

The 4C-Rheometer comprises the following:

  1. Main unit on wheels, including devices for lifting cone at 7 cm/s and lighting the base plate from below.
  2. Optional 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60 Hz power supply.
  3. Slump cone modified with weight ring to avoid buoyancy and top collar for easy filling.
  4. Base plate Ø 1000 mm in sand blasted 12 mm hardened glass.
  5. Black/White CCD digital video camera, including cable for connection to PC.
  6. Optical lens mounted on video camera.
  7. PC with a fire wire port for connection to video camera.
  8. 19’’ LCD Display (color monitor).
  9. MS-Windows based 4C-Rheometer software installed.
  10. User’s manual.

Contact us for a specific quotation!

All components of the system are backed by a one-year warranty (12 month from good installation).

A training course covering installation and use of the 4C-Rheometer can be arrange at favorable conditions.

The delivery time is normally 8-10 weeks.