Advanced materials and process development - Team of experts

Jens  Christiansen

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Advanced materials and process development - Team of experts

JensJens Christiansen, Team Manager. MSc in chemical engineering and Ph.D. in materials science from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Engineering Business and Administration (EBA) from Ballerup College of Engineering. Jens has been employed at DTI since 2003 and has been part of numerous projects within materials and processes for energy purposes as well as reactor technology.

Before joining DTI, Jens held positions in the research and development department at Haldor Topsøe A/S and as a researcher at DTU. Contact Jens by phone at +45 72 20 24 98 or by email at

Jens KromannJens Kromann Nielsen, Product Manager. MSc in chemical engineering and Ph.D. in polymer technology from DTU. Employed at DTI in 2009 and has carried out several projects within materials science and processes for energy conversion, including gasification of biomass. Jens has previously worked with development of coatings in the R&D department at AkzoNobels in Copenhagen. Contact Jens by phone at +45 72 20 25 06 or by email at



JakobJakob S. Engbæk, Consultant. MSc in Engineering in nanoscale material physics and Ph.D. in catalysis from DTU. Jakob has been working at DTI since 2006 and has participated in many projects, primarily within the scope of catalytic conversion of fuels for fuel cells and diesel engines, but also treatment of gas for the production of synthetic fuels. Contact Jakob by phone at +45 72 20 24 85 or by email at



SørenSøren Vendelbo, Consultant, MSc in Engineering and Ph.D. in experimental physics from DTU. Søren joined DTI in 2014 where he is working with new methods for heating reactors. Previously, Søren was employed as a researcher (Post doc) at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he, among other things, simulated and developed equipment for small-scale reactors used for in-situ characterisation of catalysts. Contact Søren by phone at +45 72 20 16 24 or by email at

PortrætIsmael Yasser Tallouzi, Consultant, MSc in Nanoscience from Aarhus University. He has written a thesis in photocatalysis, where 2D materials were to be used to convert CO2 into other useful substances. He joined DTI in May 2022 and works primarily with projects within power-to-X and carbon capture (CCUS). Contact Ismael by phone at +45 72 20 20 43 or by email at