Annex XIX Electrification in Industry – Task 2

Benjamin  Zühlsdorf

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Annex XIX Electrification in Industry – Task 2

Project start August 2021. Expected completion date December 2022.

Purpose of project
The project is about the Danish participation in ’Annex XIX Electrificaton in Industry’ under the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems (IETS).

Electrification of the industrial sector has a very significant potential for contributing to the green transition of industrial energy use. The annex aims to be a platform for enhancing collaboration between countries, and the focus of the Annex is on the system aspects of industrial electrification and on the technologies within each specific pathway.

The main objective of the Annex is to develop a platform for exchange of information, experiences and lessons from R&D projects in the area of industrial electrification. In this Annex, industrial electrification covers both direct and indirect electrification.

Project objectives
Denmark has already been involved in Task 1 of the Annex. The purpose of Task 1 was to map current activities, identify overlapping areas of interest and gaps that need to be addressed, as well as to raise awareness of the topic of industrial electrification and find partners to participate in the Annex.

You can find the final report of Task 1 here

In the present Task 2, the intention is to work with the following sub-objectives:

  • To identify electrification technologies that are studied or developed by Annex participants and to start a repository of factsheets of those technologies in order to facilitate the identification of projects, technologies and stakeholders working on a given technology.
  • To identify current and, when possible, best practices among projects developed by Annex participants in the area of industrial electrification.
  • To identify and, when possible, find pragmatic ways to align definitions, approaches and methodologies used in current projects by Annex members.
  • To broaden awareness and knowledge regarding the system impacts of industrial electrification, particularly with regards to sector coupling and infrastructure.
  • To facilitate international meetings to share experiences, methodologies and project findings among Annex participants.

Task 2 of the Annex is divided into the following subtasks:

  1. Industrial Electrification Technologies
  2. Sharing methodologies
  3. Understanding system impacts
  4. Enhancing collaboration with other annexes and TCPs.


  1. DTU Mechanical Engineering (Project Manager – Brian Elmegaard)
  2. Danish Technological Institute
  3. Viegand Maagøe
  4. Weel & Sandvig
  5. Johnson Controls
  6. PlanEnergi
  7. SAN Electro Heat A/S.

The project is funded by EUDP.