Battery systems for the grid

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Battery Systems for the grid 2016

Battery systems for the grid

Renewable energy challenges the grid

Increasing usage of fluctuating renewable energy such as sun and wind energy is a reality. The situation challenges the stability of the electrical grid, which today is secured by power stations. How do we ensure power when it is calm or international connections drop out? Use of battery systems is an effective means of ensuring stability, because they can deliver full power in a matter of seconds.

Batteries can stabilize the grid

At Danish Technological Institute we have taken the first steps towards testing a grid connected large scale battery system. In connection with the project BESS – Battery Energy Storage System we have built up a test facility which will generate knowledge about battery life, economics of large-scale battery systems and deployment in practice.

Advice on optimal operation of battery systems

We offer knowledge about the operation and installation of large-scale battery systems and ensurance of optimum safety and temperature control. We can assess different battery types and entire systems for the grid regarding battery chemistry – type and –price. In addition, we also test lifetime at different usage patterns where, for example charge and discharge patterns are important. Our tests can both be performed in the field, climatic test cabinet and in our laboratory.

We offer:

  • Counselling regarding installation of grid-connected battery systems
  • Advice on possible system services which can be delivered by the battery system
  • Optimization of business economics
  • Lifetime optimization of the battery energy storage system
  • Choice of batteries, chemistry and type
  • Test of batteries
  • Advice on system security and the use of batteries