Chicken Bone Phantoms - for standardized bone detection in food products

Lars Bager Christensen

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Chicken slaughterhouse

Chicken Bone Phantoms - for standardized bone detection in food products

The DMRI Bone Phantoms are made to meet the challenge of biological density variation in bone tissue, specifically in chickens. The density range from low in cartilage to high in very calcified cortical bones.

To benchmark and calibrate detection systems, standardization is needed. That is why we have made the DMRI Bone Phantoms with a specific density and with 5 fixed and stable physical sizes. The density of the DMRI Bone Phantoms is specified to the Hounsfield Scale with reference to international medical tomography standards. Certificate may be provided with each test set, showing the precise HU values by use of micro CT scanning.

  • Use the bone phantoms as an integrated part of your daily QA procedures.
  • Use the bone phantoms as part of requirement specifications/contracts.
  • Use the bone phantoms as a core component for benchmarking of equipment and detection schemes.

Density kylling

Photo: The challenge in using natural bone material for benchmark testing and QA standards is illustrated.

The density reading in two locations of the chicken wish bone are 861 HU and 334 HU, respectively. The difference in density is reflected in the probability of detection.


Specification and prices

DMRI Bone Phantoms come in a handy credit card size format, holding 5 cylindrical phantoms of an equal 10 mm length, with a density of approximately 500 HU. The diameter of the 5 phantom bones are 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.5 mm; 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm.

Other sizes are available upon request. The full set of dimensions are (whereas only 5 can be selected):

 1.2x10mm, 1.5x10mm, 2.0x10mm, 2.5x10mm, 3.0x10mm, 3.5x10mm, 4.0x10mm, 5.0x10mm

Bone phantoms


1 card: 170 €

5 cards: 750€ (150€/pcs)     

10 cards: 1200€ (120€/pcs)

20 cards or more: 100 € per pcs.

Micro CT certificate costs 180 € per card.

(*) Prices are only indicative and will be subject to change, so please ask for quotations.