CO2 uptake during the concrete life cycle - Results

Claus  Pade

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CO2 uptake during the concrete life cycle - Results

The results of the project has been published in 5 reports.

Three reports contain the background data for the analyses.

State-of-the-Art by Björn Lagerblad, Swedish Cement and Concrete Institute, CBI. CBI Report 2: 2005, 48 pp. ISBN 91-976070-0-2. More information is found on

Information on the use of concrete in Denmark by Gudni Jonsson, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The Icelandic Building Research Institute, IBRI, Oct. 2005, 32 pp. ISBN 9979-9174-7-4.

Carbon dioxide uptake in demolished and crushed concrete by C.J. Engelsen, J. Mehus, C. Pade & D.H. Sæther, Norwegian Building Research Institute, Project report 395, 2005, 38 pp. ISBN 82-536-0900-0. More information is found on

Furthermore two reports are published by the Danish Technological Institute containing the results from the project.

Guidelines - Uptake of carbon dioxide in the life cycle inventory of concrete by K. Pommer & C. Pade, DTI, Oct. 2005, 82 pp. ISBN 87-7756-757-9.

The CO2 balance of concrete in a life cycle perspective by K.O. Kjellsen (Norcem), M. Guimaraes (Aalborg Portland) & Å. Nilsson (Cementa), DTI, Dec. 2005, 33 pp. ISBN 87-7756-758-7.