Consultancy Sustainable Food Production

Asger Munch Smidt-Jensen

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Consultancy Sustainable Food Production

Get advice and data on how you can improve your production's carbon footprint and environmental impact.

At Danish Technological Institute, we provide consultancy on how to ensure a more sustainable production, taking into account social, economic, and environmental factors.

Reduced carbon footprint vs. investment level - obtain valid data as a basis for decision-making
Through a comprehensive assessment of a production's environmental and carbon footprint, a life cycle analysis can account for various burdens specific to that production. Subsequently, proposals for optimizations are developed, and the potential environmental and climate gains from these optimization proposals are calculated and compared with the investment level. This provides the necessary data for a decision basis regarding which of these optimizations would be meaningful to implement.

Diagram showing investment VS climate impact


The procedure for climate and environmentally friendly optimization of your production

  1. Review of production and collection of process-specific data to tailor the analysis to the specific product
  2. Collection of data from specific suppliers and measurement of relevant resource consumption in your production
  3. Preparation and execution of the analysis based on the collected data
  4. Calculation of reduction in environmental and climate impact through the implementation of specific proposals such as energy optimization, upcycling, supplier or raw material changes, and process modifications
  5. Reporting including interpretation of 16 different environmental and climate impact categories, conveying the results, and serving as documentation
  6. Follow-up consultancy on more sustainable production and future efforts to reduce environmental and climate impact.


The result will be an in-depth insight into your product's climate and environmental impact

  • A specific figure for the CO2 footprint of your product
  • An assessment of which process steps and ingredients have the most impact on climate and the environment
  • An analysis of whether the product negatively affects other environmental and climate categories
  • An analysis of where the greatest possible reduction in environmental and climate impact is achieved based on calculations
  • Guidance on incorporating the proposed changes into production.