Contaminant identification

Frederik R Steenstrup

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Contaminant identification

The Danish Technological Institute assists companies in eliminating contaminants in the production environment. We invite you to draw on our knowledge to prevent contamination and to identify the root cause.

Every year, DTI identifies more than 200 unknown inclusions, fibres, and other foreign particles. We assist manufacturers of particularly pure products such as items for food or medical industry in pinpointing the source of black spots, lint, and other unwanted presences found in the production. Our experience in the area makes it possible to chemically identify the contaminant even if the size is barely visible. DTI’s state-of-the-art equipment can recognise the material based on its chemical characteristics. In cases where the contaminant sample is of sufficient size, our customers find it useful to combine two or more analytical techniques.

Fast track to root cause
Polyester fibres could come from several sources at the manufactu­rers’ production setup eg. hairnets or conveyor belts. This is why some customers find it worthwhile to build up a reference library containing the ’chemical fingerprint’ of possible suspects. This investment enables a more precise identification and a faster resolution.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you? 

  • Identification of foreign objects and debris
  • Documentation for root cause analysis
  • Expert advice on parts with enhanced wear properties, eg. O-ring
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination during injection moulding processes
  • Lump-free masterbatch preparation
  • Consultancy within clean manufacturing operations