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Advanced Energy Storage 2024

Transformation of the electricity grid - challenges and solutions with energy storage

Join us for this year’s Advanced Energy Storage conference and learn more about technological solutions and potentials within energy storage. Energy storage is crucial for optimal integration of energy systems, whether it is electrical or thermal storage.

The conference will take place at Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup on November 28, 2024.


Transformation of the electricity grid - challenges and solutions with energy storage

We are in a time of revolutionary changes within the energy sector. This year's Advanced Energy Storage conference will focus on the technological advancements and strategic challenges faced by utility companies, transmission system operators (TSOs), distribution system operators (DSOs), and end-users in the context of energy storage. Through a series of in-depth presentations, panel discussions, and exhibitions, you now have the chance to explore the latest solutions and technologies which can help optimize energy storage and distribution.

Why is this theme important right now?

The world faces an urgent need to make the transition to renewable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Effective energy storage plays a key role in this transition and enables a more flexible and reliable energy supply. With increasing interest from both public and private sectors, it is crucial to address the operational and technical challenges which can hinder the full utilization of these technologies.

What are the key takeaways?

You will gain insights into the latest innovations and research results in energy storage. You will learn how various energy storage technologies can be integrated into energy systems, and which political and economic factors influence the implementation of these technologies. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to network with industry-leading experts and colleagues, opening up new perspectives and collaborative opportunities.

You will leave the conference with a deeper understanding of how advanced energy storage can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy future, and how it can help drive this necessary change.

We look forward to welcoming you to a day filled with insight, inspiration, and innovative ideas for the future of energy storage. Register now to secure your spot at the Advanced Energy Storage Conference 2024!

Preliminary programme

  • 08:30 Networking, registration, and breakfast
  • 09:30 Welcome by Lasse Stenhøj Ingvardsen, Danish Technological Institute
  • 09:40 Keynote by AAU Plan
  • 10:10 To be confirmed
  • 10:40 Coffee Break
  • 10:55 Presentation by Greenport North (EFFORT project)
  • 11:20 Presentation by Anholt Reserve Supply
  • 11:45 Exhibition, networking, and lunch
  • 13:15 Presentation by Kyoto
  • 13:50 Panel discussion
  • 14:35 Coffee Break
  • 14:55 Presentation by Frederik Dupond Holdt, Danish Technological Institute
  • 15:20 To be confirmed
  • 15:45 Presentation by Danish Technological Institute
  • 16:10 Discussion and reflections by Lasse Stenhøj Ingvardsen, Danish Technological Institute
  • 16:25 Thank you for today - and see you in 2025!


This activity is supported by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, under The Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark. Collaborators are greatly acknowledged.

Danish Agency 91562

The conference is supported by Energy Cluster Denmark and DaCES (Danish Center for Energy Storage).

ECD + DaCES 91562

Do you have any conference related questions, please contact