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Excel Office 365 - Advanced

Excel 2016 is more than to add or subtract. Often the work can be accomplished much more easily by letting Excel work for you. We will focus om larger amounts of data, and create advanced, and user-friendly sheets and create and structure more complicated economic models. We will also focus on the improvements in the Pivot table function.

Prior skills

You must work with Excel regularly, and possess a knowledge of it on the level of our Excel Basic course.

Profile of participants

For users who want to use Excel rationally and efficiently to make advanced analyses.


Short résumé about how to save on the pc and in the cloud

  • Save and open Excel files on pc
  • Save in the cloud on OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Upload Excel files to SharePoint as lists

Short repetition

  • Short repetition of basic Excel, especially the use of relative and absolute cell references

Protection of sheets

  • Protection of formulas and texts against deletion and changes

Formulas in Excel

  • Use of formulas like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, IF, ROUND, SUMIF and SUMIFS


  • Print of sheets with header and footer, print of selected areas and comments, how to repeat headings at the top of each page
  • Page Layout view


  • Use of sparklines in cells
  • Advanced use of charts and the many formatting tools

Links to other sheets and files

  • Create links between data and copy data with automatic update
  • To name cells and use the names as absolute references

Data analysis

  • Import of data to Excel from other programs: txt, csv, www
  • Import of data from SharePoint lists
  • Filter, subtotals and database functions
  • Improved sorting tools: sort by color and icons
  • Conditional formatting with data bars and icon sets

Pivot tables

  • Create and edit pivot tables and pivot charts
  • How to filter, sort and group pivot tables
  • Slicers and timelines
  • Recommended pivot tables
  • Several related tables as basis for one pivot table
  • Automatic creation of relationships between tables

Advanced functions

  • Group and outline
  • Use of data tables, scenarios and goal seek
  • Dates and time
  • Create hyperlinks, save as website
  • Data validation (create rules for which kind of data can be inserted into a cell or area)
  • Consolidate data from several tables into one table
  • Create macros

Track changes/cooperation between users

  • Group editing with comments and track changes
  • See activities and open earlier versions of the file
  • Simultaneous editing Online

New functions

  • Store

Info from other programs

  • Info, Properties
  • Author, contact info

Flexible access to Excel on all platforms

  • Microsoft Excel on smartphone and tablet
  • Microsoft Excel Online


The course material is digital, the practical exercises and tasks is in paperform


The course is provided by an experienced instructor from Teknologisk Instituts instructor network.



Do you have any course related questions, please contact