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IT Arkitekt, Foundation

Gain basic knowledge and an overview of the different types of work and roles performed as an IT architect. This course focuses on understanding concepts and becoming familiar with various IT architecture considerations, processes, methods, and tasks. It is therefore relevant regardless of which IT architect role you have or will have in the company.



All course activities vil be evaluated by the participants

The evaluation is based on: 504 participants

Overview of the different IT architect roles

The course provides an overview of tasks and competencies associated with the following IT architect roles: The system and solution architect, the enterprise architect, the business architect, the data architect, the application architect and the technology architect.

Part of the certified IT architect education

This course is the first step in the Danish Technological Institute's certified IT architectural education, which gives you the opportunity to document your competencies according to a publicly recognized model. After this course, you can specialize with one of the three Practitioner courses (currently only available in Danish): Enterprise Architect, System Architect and Technology Architect.

Participant profile

Everyone who wants useful tools for working as an IT architect. You may already work as an IT architect or system designer and would like to start a formal IT architecture education or you could be a project manager who wants to gain an understanding of and tools to apply the architectural principles.

Very skilled teacher who clearly has a very good grasp of his material, combined with a lot of practical experience.

- Thomas Mortensen, KMD A/S.


  • The different types of work and roles performed by IT architects
  • Fundamental IT architecture processes and methods
  • The IT architect's roles in IT development
  • Correlations between IT architecture and methods for system development and operation
  • Knowledge of evaluating an IT architecture
  • Security aspects when choosing an IT architecture
  • The IT architect's deliverables
  • Overview of tools that can support architectural work

Course Benefits

  • Get an overview of the different types of work and roles performed as an IT architect
  • Get introduced to the conceptual world of IT architecture
  • Get to know different processes, methods and tasks you encounter as an IT architect
  • Possibility of certification and subsequent specialization


The course material consists of self-developed, comprehensive course material. The teaching consists of theory supplemented by practical exercises and a few discussion papers. We work with a common case on the course days. You should expect to prepare before the course to the extent of about 15 hours. You will receive access to the preparation material approximately two weeks before the course.



87049 certif kombineretOn the last day of the course, it is possible to take a certification. The certification costs DKK 2,995 excl. VAT and is not included in the course price. You can order your certification when registering for the course. There is a free re-take certification included in the price. If you have knowledge corresponding to the content of the foundation course, you can take the IT Architect, Foundation certification. Contact us to hear when you can take the certification.

  • Number of questions: 40

  • Duration: 1 hour (15 min. extra if English is not your first language)

  • Format: multiple choice in English

  • You need at least 26 correct answers (65%) to pass the certification


This IT architect Foundation course is held in English, with English courseware and certification.
If you want the course taucht in Danish, you can find it here: IT Arkitekt, Foundation


The traing is carried out by experienced instructors with extensive teaching and consultancy experience in the field of architecture. All instructors are certified IT Architects and accredited trainers approved by Dansk IT.
Do you have any course related questions, please contact