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Project Management

The course provides you with a thorough introduction to the most important areas within the field of project management and gives you a fundamental understanding of the project work form and the project manager role, as well as which tools and methods are needed to succeed as a project manager.



All course activities vil be evaluated by the participants

The evaluation is based on: 260 participants

>> Available in Danish <<

Gain basic knowledge and tools for your project management

Projects have become a basic condition in almost all companies, and most people get involved in projects in one way or another. As a project manager, it is important that you can handle your role and that you have the right tools to manage the specific project. This course provides you with the basic knowledge about projects, methods, and tools so you can function as a competent project manager in your daily life.

Participant profile

This is a basic course for those who are new to project management, or those who have 1-2 years of project management experience, and who wish to consolidate and further develop their project management competencies.

Course Benefit

Through presentations and practical exercises, you will gain knowledge of and acquaintance with:

  • Expectations and demands on you in the role as a project manager
  • The various roles and responsibilities within the project organization
  • How you plan, follow up, and communicate effectively with your project's stakeholders
  • How, in cooperation with the project's participants, you create an effective course for your project, from start to finish
  • Practical tools and templates for planning, risk management, stakeholder work, etc.


  • Principles of good project management
  • Project goals and rationale
  • Roles and stakeholders in a project
  • Planning project deliverables
  • Progress management and reporting
  • Risk and change management
  • Project closure


The teaching alternates between theory and practical exercises. Cases, tasks, lessons learned, and role plays are used to illustrate realistic situations.



Flemming Wegeberg_web2024

Flemming Wegeberg has a master's degree. phil in English and Master of Arts in Linguistics and is certified in PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile® and MSP®. For +20 years, Flemming has been responsible for the implementation of projects at both project management and management level. He has regularly held project management courses since 2007, and as an experienced teacher, Flemming's brand is active involvement of the students in the teaching with a focus on the students' practice.


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