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Seminar on Digitalization of Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems

Digital technologies offer enhanced surveillance, control, design, and decision-making capabilities for both domestic and industrial applications.

Over the past decade, efforts to boost digitalization in the heat pump and refrigeration industries have surged. These innovations have led to improved energy efficiency, effective design practices, and reduced operational costs. We invite you to a seminar where you can explore the latest advancements in digitalizing and modelling refrigeration and heat pump systems.

The presentations are in English.

Participation in the seminar is free. Please note that no-show fee is DKK 300.

Target group

  • Manufacturers of refrigeration and heat pump systems.
  • Manufacturers of components and control systems for refrigeration and heat pump systems.
  • Operators of refrigeration and heat pump systems, including areas such as supermarkets, district heating, building services.
  • Consulting engineers.
  • Researchers working in the field of refrigeration and heat pump technology.


09:30 Seminar opening

Overview of digital services and flexibility analysis:

  • 09:40 Results from the IEA IoT Annex 56 project about digital services for IoT connected heat pumps, Jonas Lundsted Poulsen, DTI
  • 10:00 Model predictive control and demand side flexibility through heat pumps, Jan Bendtsen, AAU
  • 10:20 Heat pumps providing flexibility services - the role of model-based tools, Wiebke Meesenburg, DTU Construct

10:40 Coffee break

Operation monitoring:

  • 11:10 More than 10 years with own cloud monitoring system – before and now, Stig Petersen, LS Control
  • 11:30 A cloud-assisted framework for real-time monitoring of refrigeration and heat pump systems, Johan Hardt Løbner, DTI
  • 11:50 A digital twin for evaluating evaporation pressure fluctuations in supermarket refrigeration systems, Andreas Schulte, TU Braunschweig

12:10 Lunch

Predictive maintenance:

  • 13:00 Title to be defined, Zahrasadat Soltani, Bitzer
  • 13:20 Fault detection in ultra-low temperature freezers, Francesco D’Ettorre, DTI
  • 13:40 Towards optimal predictive maintenance in large-scale heat pumps through digital twins, José Joaquín Aguilera Prado, DTI

14:00 Coffee break

Modelling and scalability:

  • 14:30 Fast heat pump simulation model deployable anywhere, Emil Navntoft Pedersen, DTI
  • 14:50 Versatile simulation models of heat pump and refrigeration systems with Dymola, Pierre-Jean Delêtre, DTI
  • 15:10 Scaling digital services for heat pump systems, Lasse Nyberg Thomsen, Numerous/Energy Machines

15:30 Seminar closing

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