Danish Centre for Green Concrete

Søren Lundsted Poulsen

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Danish Centre for Green Concrete

Article by Jesper Sand Damtoft, Aalborg Portland, Mette Glavind and Chr. Munch-Petersen, Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre.
Published at: CANMET/ACI International conference, September 2001, San Fransisco. The conference was cancelled because because of terror in United States in September 2001. The enroled articles was published.

Cement and concrete have an important role to play in enabling Denmark to fulfil its obligation to reduce the CO2 emission by 21% of the 1990 level before 2012 as agreed to at the Kyoto conference. It is also possible to use residual products – thus reducing the need to landfill these materials – while still maintaining a high concrete quality.

This is the background for the Danish centre, a co-operative venture involving all sectors related to the use and production of concrete. The goal of the centre is to reduce the environmental impacts of concrete through the development of new resource-saving binder systems and increased recycling and energy recovery of waste materials.