Energy and Climate

David  Tveit

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Energy and Climate

With their flexible and advanced laboratories this division develops new, efficient products and processes, promotes cost-effective implementation of external and internal environmental improvements, and contributes to minimising energy consumption in buildings, in industry and in the transport sector. Furthermore the specialists in our Division check the equipment and the quality of the work carried out at 1600 garages in the Danish car trade industry.  

David Tveit
Executive Vice President
Energy and Climate
Telephone +45 7220 3243

Technology Development and coordination
Senior Consultant Frank Elefsen
Telephone +45 7220 1250

Automobile Technology
Director Kristian Eldam
Telephone +45 7220 2561

Energy Efficiency and Ventilation
Director Ole Ravn
Telephone +45 7220 2521

Installation and Calibration
Director Torben Vonsild
Telephone +45 7220 3376

Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology 
Director Claus Schøn Poulsen
Telephone +45 7220 2514

Renewable Energy Systems
Director Morten Gottlieb Warming-Jespersen
Telephone +45 7220 2797

Marketing and Training
Centre assistant Søren Iversen
Telephone +45 7220 2480