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Enzym laboratory

The enzyme laboratory located in Høje Taastrup, DTI, is a modern laboratory with main focus on exploring the biorefinery possibilities from land-based and marine-based biomass.

The enzyme laboratory provides mapping analysis of biomass composition, estimation of biofuel potentials (bioethanol, biogas) and technology consultancy.

The enzyme laboratory is sufficiently equipped with instrumentation and experimental setups to support the research, analysis and consulting activities.

The main instruments include enzymatic hydrolysis test for examining the release of monomeric and oligomers sugar components, fermentation units, equipment for sample work up for characterization of carbohydrates, lignin, wax, ash, and moisture content.

Specifically, the modern equipment include moisture content analyzer, multiscan microplate spectrophotometer, HPLC equipment for accurately analyzing the carbohydrate monomers (e.g. glucose, xylose, arabinose, mannose, galactose, ethanol etc.), and environmentally controlled bench-top incubator/rotator/rocker/stirrer for the study of microorganisms and enzyme reaction process under strictly controlled conditions. Microprocessor controls ensures accurate, reproducible conditions.

DTI offers you assistance with:

  • Mapping analysis of biomass composition
  • Estimation of potential of biofuels (bioethanol and biogas)
  • Advice on production methods in the biorefinery process
  • Report with data for biomass, indicating the potential and advice on up-scaled production