Extended Shelf Life

Gry Carl Terrell

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Fresh meat

Extended Shelf Life

Meat producers are met with an increasing demand from retailers to deliver longer shelf life of their products. The shelf life of your fresh meat can be the conclusive factor that determines whether you get the order or not.

Optimizing processes, chill, hygiene and risk management can be your short cut to achieve longer shelf life and DMRI can help you to gain the maximum obtainable shelf life of products produced at your plant.

Shelf life of meat is very complex, covering many different aspects like discoloration, diverging odors, high counts of spoilage bacteria or black bones. Shelf life also varies between species, packaging and storage temperature.

Shelf life tabel

How can DMRI help you?

In order to optimize shelf life it is crucial to manage several factors at the same time:

  • Logistics and flow in the slaughter house
  • Packaging facilities and the technology in use
  • Hygiene
  • Chilling and operating temperatures
  • Risk Management

DMRI will design and describe a strategy for obtaining maximum shelf life and help you implement the strategy.

This includes:

1. Analysis of current production. Process flow,Chilling processes and Hygienic standard.

2. Master plan for extended shelf life. Layout, Logistic flows, Specifications, Staff requirements, Methods and technology and Cost estimate.

3. Implementation of strategy. Tender business, Acceptance test and Tailored training program.