Food and Production

Anne-Lise Høg Lejre

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Anne-Lise Høg Lejre

Food and Production

We have a number of significant competences and facilities for testing, demonstrations and development within the fields of bio resource utilisation, animal and plant-based foods, food quality and food safety, environmentally and climate-friendly foods, emissions from agriculture, plant breeding and precision agriculture. And not least, the streamlining and digitalisation of companies with advanced production technology such as, for example, automation and the use of AI. The division’s 260 employees support the development of the foods of the future all the way from soil to table and the future’s effective and digital production with advanced production technology.

Executive Vice President
Anne-Lise Høg Lejre
Food and Production
Telephone +45 7220 3116

Vicepresident Business Development
Lars Hinrichsen
Telephone +45 7220 2663

Public Affairs director
Nicolaj Christoffersen
Telephone +45 7220 1902

Innovation director
Anne Maria Hansen
Telephone +45 7220 1916

Technology director 
Kurt Nielsen
Telephone +45 7220 2211

Agriculture and Digitalization 
Director Bodil Højland Lorentzen
Telephone +45 7220 1539

Director Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup
Telephone +45 7220 1602

Food technology
Director Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen 
Telephone +45 7220 2455

Food Safety and Quality
Director Lene Meinert
Telephone +45 7220 2667

Innovation Director 
Anne Maria Hansen
Telephone +45 7220 1916

Innovation and Digital transformation
Director Jan Overgaard
Telephone +45 7220 2022

Functional Materials
Director Christian Kallesøe
Telephone +45 7220 2570

Process Design & Operations
Director Ole Damgaard
Telephone +45 7220 2692

Robot Technology
Technology director Kurt Nielsen
Telephone +45 7220 2211

Robot Technology
Director Henrik Jacobsen
Telephone +45 7220 2815

Sustainability & Digitization
Director Dennis Brandborg Nielsen
Telephone +45 7220 1904

Director Janice Dyrlund Høst
Telephone +45 7220 3057