High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium

Jannie Guldmann Würtz

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Billedet viser foskellige ikoner, der relaterer til højtemperaturvarmepumper og industrien

High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium

Industrial heat pumps and high-temperature heat pumps (HTHP) have the potential to play a central role when it comes to reducing green house gas emmissions connected to the supply of industrial process heating. The growing motivation for replacing fossil fuel-based combustions and the more benefical conditions for heat pumps make it possible to expand the applications of heat pump technology to higher supply temperatures. This development is evident in terms of several ongoing research projects, the increasing variety of available technologies, and an increasing number of industrial cases.

However, the implementation of heat pump technology is also associated with a number challenges. This applies especially to high-temperature applications such as industrial processes and district heating. Thus, there is a need for technical innovations in order to achieve lower investment costs and an increase in energy efficiency while maintaining technical feaibility and a stabil operation. 

In 2017, Danish Technological Institute, SINTEF and DTU Mechanical Engineering teamed up to create a forum where experts in the field of high-temperature heat pumps could come together as well as provide an overview of the latest developments. This has now resulted in the High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium, which is held every two years.

High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2024

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The High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium is organized by Danish Technological Institute, DTU Construct, and SINTEF, and it is coorganized by The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

Here, you can read more about the High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium - previous and upcoming events.​

High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2024
This year's symposium is taking place on 23-24 January 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the HTHP-Symposium website, you can read mere about the upcoming event.

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High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2022
This year's symposium were scheduled to be held in 2021, but due to the Corona situation it was postponed. On the HTHP-Symposium website, you can read mere about the programme and important dates.

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2nd High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium (2019)
The symposium was held for the second time in 2019 with the title; 2nd High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium. The symposium covered 15 presentations and 12 posters focusing i.a. on the developments and trends in the field of high-temperature heat pumps in the industry.

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High-Temperature Heat Pump Workshop (2017)
The symposiet was held for the first time in 2017 with the title; High-Temperature Heat Pump Workshop. The workshop covered 18 presentations and a panel discission focusing i.a. on the market potential, developments, and challenges related to high-temperature heat pumps.

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